Modified sidepods on Ferrari F138

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Despite only having a 7 day gap since the Chinese GP, Ferrari have brought another update to their F138. The team fitted new sidepod panels on both their cars during the entire weekend, increasing the volume of the sidepod around the UPS logo. The difference is clearly visible when you focus on the joint of the foremost panel - with the Shell logo - that was unchanged and the new panel with UPS on it.

The previous design had fairly visible downward ducts, still somewhat similar to their "Acer duct" naming of 2012, although they would now have to be called "UPS ducts". Now, the underside of those ducts has been beefed up. While it is hard to say what exactly the team is aiming for, it is possible that Ferrari wants more air to flow alongside the UPS logo rather than pushing it down towards the floor.

Also visible in the picture are the new shark gills close to the car's floor. These are added to increase cooling performance but are likely to disappear again at events with lower ambient temperatures.


By f300v10 on 01-05-2013 at 14:51

It appears that the exhaust headers where also updated to a new configuration, which may have required more volume in that area.

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