McLaren introduces shapely new front wing

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As part of a fairly large aerodynamic update for its MP4-29, McLaren have introduce a long overdue front wing update, getting rid of the rather bulky previous design that looked dated in comparison to items seen on front running cars.

The new front wing only appears to have the leading edge of the base plane and parts of the endplates in common with its predecessor, but other than that everything is new. Still a three-element wing, the insides of the flaps have considerably changed, featuring an increased opening in between the second and third element.

At the inner edges of the flaps, minor profile changes are now more pronounced, designed as such to impact airflow downstream, rather than being aimed at local downforce generation.

Also marked are the new stacked elements, now smaller but flanked by a standing panel similar to what can be seen on the Mercedes AMG F1W05. This acts to direct airflow outboard while generating a counter clockwise rotating vortex onto the inside of the front wheels. Hence it is no surprise that McLaren's update also included minor updates to the brake ducts as well as a different profile of the floor left and right of the car.

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