Lotus debuts 2015 nose concept

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Lotus have unveiled their new 2015 nose concept, set to be tested in FP1 by one of their drivers. The team was undecided on Thursday who would debut it.

The design is the result of development for the team's 2015 car, named E23 Hybrid, and reflects the changed regulations that will effectively outrule the team's current twin tusk nose cone. Lotus have said they don't expect their interim nose to work effectively just yet, given that is has not been designed to work with the E22, but rather aims to allow the team to run some comparisons and get real on-track data.

Technically, the nose itself looks a lot like the current nose, with the gap between the tusks filled. The team has likely gone for the simple route, using the research from the tusked nose to create the new crash structure. It's possible that for this reason, the interim nose houses a left and a right crash structure inside the shrouding, albeit that the total length of the nose has now shortened (the tusks extended ahead of the front wing). The new nose body stops halfway over the front wing, with two protruding supports serving as the connection points with the front wing.

Interestingly, the tip of the nose is curved up, attempting to get just that little bit of extra air underneath the nose. This immediately indicates one of the biggest challenges for most teams going into 2015, as all current noses that are set to be outruled were designed to maximise airflow underneath the nose, allowing for more downforce generated by the car's floor and its rear diffuser.

Lotus have yet to confirm if they plan to run the nose at the two other remaining events of the season.

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