Mercedes ditches log style exhaust on PU106B

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Following a year of running with a very compact log style exhaust (as pictured) in 2014, Mercedes have now chosen to ditch the concept and go for a more conventional equal lenght exhaust manifold as seen on the 2014 Renault engine.

An obviously different noise coming from the Mercedes powered cars yesterday was followed by a further confirmation from Mercedes' Head of Engines at Brixworth, Andy Cowell that the new Mercedes 2015 power unit, named PU106B, features an 'entirely new exhaust concept'.

Having strolled around in the pitlane at Jerez, I can confirm that at least Lotus is not running with a log style exhaust, but instead a wrapped package of exhaust tubes very similar in size and location to the configuration of the Renault powered cars in 2014. Sadly a picture is missing, but I'm sure visual confirmation will follow.

In 2014, Mercedes already started testing with an equal length exhaust manifold before switching to a log type at the final pre-season test in Bahrain. While that proved to be a good solution, not in the least for packaging reasons, an equal length manifold can provide advantages for the effectiveness of the turbo. As exhaust tuning is a rather complex subject and designing the optimal exhaust layout depends highly on the power requirements for a certain rpm range, it may be that the change is influenced by the reportedly higher revolutions that the new Mercedes is capable of.


By seinfeld on 02-02-2015 at 15:18

yeah strange. I would like to see under that sheilding to see how they set this up like say a 4cyl plenum style for the inlet so 3 really short runners and just one chamber or pipe in this case running it back. this is not very good in terms of pulse, scavaenging etc. this can increase compressor surge as well. using a set of headers meaning they looked like the V8 exhausts intricate perfectly rounded at the turns, and perfect legth on each tube. this helps scavenge air etc when its at a dead stroke. we will see if they keep it, packaging wise it makes huge sense. but aero I wld have to see side by side to see !

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