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Lotus introduce simplified front wing

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Sometimes in Formula One it doesn't have to be complicated. For many it appeared like the Lotus T127 was an underdeveloped car with only the front wing having enjoyed some thorough development. In their Spanish update however, the team are running a much simpler front wing, which apparently proves useful for the drivers.

While the previous front wing endplate had several vertical panels attached to each other with small winglets, the new version is a basic endplate, a flat floor pan... Read more

An extra wing to get more downforce

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Lotus are currently restraining themselves to develop a traditional aero package without taking too much risks. Because the team has quite some catching up to do, copying other solutions is the easiest and quickest way to move forward.

The new Bahrain package includes a new front wing with an additional central element, copied from previous Toyota and BMW Sauber cars. Only in the central 15cm of the rear wing, it is allowed to have more than 2 elements in the rear wing, and so an ad... Read more