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Watching rear wings: RBR vs STR

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Just like every other team on the grid, Red Bull (upside of image) and Toro Rosso (downside) have also developed a special rear wing for this event. The lower side of the new wing is similar to the Renault rear wing at the beginning of the season in such that it is at its highest in the middle part of the car. This wing is a clear example of development exchange between the two Red Bull(ish) teams. The complete wing as well as the end plates are identical on both cars. The winglets ... Read more

Red Bull drops ears in favour of new wings

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The team that gives you wings has now grown some wings and removed a few ears on the car. As of the Canadian GP the team used Renault-like nose ears just above the track rod to allow better airflow above that rod and reduce any effect that would have on the surroundings. These have now become obsolete and are replaced by small wings positions more in front. Just like the ears, they do not create downforce as a single element as they point downwards.

Single element ears at Red Bull

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Similer to the winglets seen at Renault before the Canadian GP, Red Bull have now also developed small ears to better guide the air that passed aside of the nose cone. The winglets are placed just above the pushrod, identical to the location on the Renault R26.