Arrows A10 Megatron

Arrows A10 image

Active: 1987 - 1988
Team: Arrows Grand Prix International Ltd

Designer: Ross Brawn
Team name: USF&G Arrows Megatron
Drivers: Derek Warwick (16), Eddy Cheever (17)

The Arrows A10 was used throughout 1987, powered by a BMW turbocharged engined named Megatron, according to a subsidiary of the team's main sponsor, USF&G. BMW had earlier announced to pull out of Formula One as an engine supplier, meaning that Arrows could only secure the use of the engines through its own financing. Maintenance on the engines was done by Heini Mader, the former mechanic of Jo Siffert and a long time partner of the Arrows team. Due to regulations, the engines' turbo boost was restricted to 4.0 bar by means of an FIA approved pop-off valve but were altogether good enough for more than 1000bhp during qualifying.

Eddie Cheever recorded the car's best finish by finishing 4th, both at the Belgian GP early in the season and in Mexico, two races from the end. Together with Dereck Warwick, Cheever scored 11 points throughout 1987, enough for 7th place in the constructors' championship.


Front suspension: Unequal-length top & bottom wishbone, pushrod
Rear suspension: Unequal-length top & bottom wishbone, pushrod
Dampers: Koni
Wheel diameter: front: 13 in; rear: 13 in
Wheel rim widths: front: 12 in; rear: 16 in
Tyres: Goodyear
Brakes: Discs and pads by AP
Instruments: Stack/Contactless
Sponsors:USF&G, Megatron, Camozzi, 3M, Beta, Bosch
Fuel & oil: Wintershall
Gearbox: 6-speed Arrows/Hewland
Clutch: AP


Wheelbase: 108 in / 2743.2 mm
Front Track: 71 in / 1803.4 mm
Rear track: 64 in / 1625.6 mm
Formula weight: 540 kg
Fuel capacity: 195 kg (fuel consumption limited by regulations to 190kg per race)


Designation: Megatron M12 Turbo
Configuration: 4 cylinders in line
Displacement: 1490 cc
Aspiration: Turbocharger by Garett
Bore: 89.2 mm
Stroke: 60 mm
Compression ratio: 7.5:1
Power: 920 bhp @ 11,200 rpm (estimates range from 850bhp during races to more than 1000bhp in qualifying)
Valve size: exhaust: 30.3 mm; inlet: 35.8 mm
Valve lift: exhaust: 10.0 mm; inlet: 10.3 mm
Block material: Cast iron
Pistons and rings: Mahle/Goetze
Bearings: Glyco
Fuel injection: Bosch
Ignition systems: Bosch
Weight: 125 kg