Andrea Moda Formulaitaly

Team logoBased in: Trodica di Morrovalle, Macerata, Marche, Italy
Founded: 1991 (active 1992)

Principal: Andrea Sassetti

Andrea Moda was created from the ashes of Coloni whose assets were purchased by the Italian shoe magnate Andrea Sassetti for a reported 8 million dollars. The deal was done three races before the end of the 1991 season, but the rebranding only happened at the beginning of 1992.

The team tried to use previous year's modified Coloni chassis as the {Andrea Moda C4B) but as it was entered as a new team it could only race its own design. After agreeing to this condition form the FIA, and settling a dispute about paying the mandatory entry fee for new teams, Sassetti pressed on to try to get their own S921 finished as soon as possible.

Hence, after watching the first race of the season from the sidelines, with their single C4B in the paddock, the team turned up at the second Grand Prix of the season with its new Andrea Moda S921 cars, but as these were still under construction, neither driver could compete. At San Marino the cars were finally ready, but with McCarthy denied a superlicense and Moreno failing to qualify, the team had to wait for the Monaco Grand Prix to see the S192 in the race after a fine effort from Roberto Moreno. Neither of the drivers managed to get through qualifying for any of the remaining races in 1992.

The team suffered the ultimate indignity of being expelled from the championship after Sassetti was arrested at Spa for financial irregularities. The team did still turn up at Monza for the next Grand Prix but was turned away from the paddock.


All Formula One cars of Andrea Moda Formula
Car designationRace years
Andrea Moda C4B1992
Andrea Moda S9211992