Porsche System Engineeringgermany

Team logoBased in: Stuttgart
Founded: 1948 (active 1957-1964)

Principal: Ferry Porsche

The company's vast racing success has been built upon sports car racing and it was through this medium that the Porsche name appeared as modified two seaters in Formula 2 racing.

A true Formula 1 entry didn't materialise until 1961 and the team soon withdrew and concentrated on the racing it knew best. The TAG- backed turbo engine of the mid eighties was a great success but this was tempered by the disastrous V12 produced for Footwork in 1991.


All Formula One cars of Porsche System Engineering
Car designationRace years
Porsche 550RS1957 - 1958
Porsche RSK1958 - 1959
Porsche 7181959 - 1964
Porsche 7871961 - 1962
Porsche 804 F11962