Favorite corners on each track?

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Favorite corners on each track?

Post by raymondu999 » Fri Sep 02, 2011 10:39 am

Hey guys. Just wondering - what are your favorite corners in the 2011 circuits?

Melbourne-Turn 5
Sepang-Turn 12
Shanghai-Turn 7
Istanbul-Turn 8
Barcelona-Funnily enough I actually quite like Turn 4
Monaco-Tabac and the swimming pool :D
Canada-The first chicane; at Turns 3 and 4
Valencia-The final right kink
Silverstone-In the new layout I'll go for Abbey
Nurburgring-Schumacher S
Hungaroring-Turn 3
Spa-Francorchamps-Eau Rouge still does it for me
Monza-Lesmo 2
Singapore-The Turn 11 and 12 chicane
Suzuka-Ooh.... hmmm.... Turn 2 all the way to Dengner 1 :D
Yeong-am-The alternatingly on/off camber turns 11 and 12
Abu Dhabi-The turn 15-16-17 complex

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Re: Favorite corners on each track?

Post by scotty86 » Fri Sep 02, 2011 12:21 pm

Melbourne - Turn 13, the right hander at the end of the backstraight
Sepang - Turns 5/6 (Or 7/8 actually)
Shanghai - Final corner
Istanbul - Turn 1
Barcelona - Gotta be Campsa...
Monaco - Swimming pool entrance
Canada - Turns 3/4
Valencia - meh, none really
Silverstone - Bridge. But as it's no longer present, Stowe.
Nurburgring - Turns 9/10 (Called the Schumacher S i believe)
Hungaroring - Turn 13 (very quick right hander roughly where the final sector starts)
Spa-Francorchamps - Pouhon
Monza - Ascari
Singapore - T11/12 (the one just after that chicane)
Suzuka - Degner 1 (My favourite corner of the whole f1 calendar)
Yeong-am - Final corner
Abu Dhabi - None really
Interlagos - Ferra Dura/Laranjinha section

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Re: Favorite corners on each track?

Post by HampusA » Fri Sep 02, 2011 6:55 pm

Copse - Maggotts - Becketts - probably the best complex ever created.
Turn 8 - Turkey
Eau Rouge - Pouhon - Blanchimont - La Source (as crazy as that might sound)Very special track, no matter what gets created in this world SPA will have it´s place in racing.
Suzuka - perfect lap = Nirvana. Best track ever created from a driver´s enjoyment perspective.

Nurburgring Nordschleife - the mother of all tracks. Whatever i said above doesn´t even hold a candle to this track.
three times the elevations changes of SPA is just insane in itself.
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Re: Favorite corners on each track?

Post by Lycoming » Fri Sep 02, 2011 7:27 pm

Singapore turn 10. not.

seriously though, corners I actually like:

turkey turn 8
eau rouge and blanchimont
china turn 1 and 14
Silverstone maggots-becketts-chapel complex, stowe, copse
Nurburgring GP turn 1

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Re: Favorite corners on each track?

Post by ESPImperium » Fri Sep 02, 2011 11:28 pm

Albert Park, AUS: Turn 5 & 10? (The Button/Massa corner)
Bahrain International Cuircit: 4-5-6-7 on GP layout and 13-13 on GP layout
Sepang, MAL: 5-6-7-8
Shanghai, CHI: 7-8-9-10
Barcelona, ESP: 1-2-3
Istanbul, TUR: 3-4-5 (I get Turn 8 i do, but its one corner, i prefer a series of corners)
Monaco: Swimming Pool
Montreal, CAN: 12/13 chichane (To see how far you can really push it with the wall of champions)
Silverstone, GBR: Copse, Maggots/Beckots and on old layout Bridge
Nurburgring, GER: Mercedes Areana & 5/6 Chichane
Hockenheim, GER: Stadium Section
Hungaroring, HUN: The whole freaking track, its like a Go Kart track for F1!!!
Spa, BEL: Fanges Chichane and Les Coumbs as you can push those corners untill you make a mistake.
Monz, ITA: Della Roggia Chichane & Ascari
Suzuka, JAP: 3-4-5-6-7 and 130R
Interlagos, BRA: Senna do S, Bico Del Plato and Juncao

Nothing from Valencia, Abu Dhabi, Korea and Singapore asdly that makes me drool. Im not sure the new Indian track will make me smile yet!