When will DRS be removed?

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When will DRS be removed?


I have long been a critic of DRS and i regard it as a symtom of sickness in the sport. When you need DRS or extra boost to make a pass your sport has bad aero rules. It being a safety issue does not help the situation either.
https://www.autosport.com/f1/news/13842 ... gerous-drs

To get better passing opportunities the aero wing dependency needs to be reduced and the weight can be reduced to gain back some performance. The added benefit of reducing weight is that the cars becomes shorter which some fans like, In turn making a pass will be easier as there is simply less car on the track. A shorter car might even make the cars easier to control in a slide. But the main point is that by reducing the aero and the weight the cars becomes less aero dependent and simpler in design which could reduce costly complicated designs and elevate the level of racing.
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DRS is like supports on a bicycle[/size]