CAD related question

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CAD related question


I am currently doing a subject in my engineering course regarding CAD.
I myself had also just started playing around with SolidWorks and MoldFlowXpress. Still a newbie.

I have been given an excitment together with a group of other 4 students to do a presentation to the rest of the class regarding:
"CAD application in plastic systems"

I have been told CFDs are usefull in the topic - and so I agree since MoldFlowXpress which I just came across is great for simulating the injection molding.

I suppose I could also say stuff like CosmosXpress of SolidWorks is also good on testing plastic systems for resistance to force/pressure?

I was wondering if anyone has some interresting links, or info that can help.
And in particular, I would like to make reference to F1 example as much as possible.

Any help would be appreciated.