About 'fans providing live streaming'

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About 'fans providing live streaming'


So, a question popped in my mind. I think it's great we have 'volounteers' that are at the barcelona tracks providing live streaming of the session - unofficially.

with that though, i'm also having some legal questions.

See, i know with Bernie, anything F1 related was promptly removed from youtube and their lawyers standing by to unleash their hounds of hell. Now, with the LM takeover that has been relieved quite a bit, but still though, FOM / FIA is the rights holder.

So now the question;

let's say you paid a ticket for a grandstand spot, and you use your smartphone to live (let's say you have a 5G mobile internet, and can grab 4k videos live) record the race - perhaps even on a stand so the image doesn't move, and you'll operate the 'camera' as cars go past. hell, you might even use a professional camcorder connected to a laptop or so to live stream, who knows.

you thus live stream the race on youtube, for example - or any other platform you'd concider.

is this allowed? will there be repercussions? a fine?

let's say you could find a merry band of about 15 fans that all have either 'proper' smartphones to record with or proper camcorders - it would mean you could essentially watch the entire race live through fan-material.
hell, a 16th person could actually do commenting, and essentially, you have your own F1 coverage team.

i know there's the streaming service through FIA's F1 TV format for 8-12 bucks, the problem there is that to use that, you have to pay, and obviously, you can't then 'livestream' that through your channel and provide your own commentary as i'm sure that would be a breach of copyrights.

but, as for the above - is it illegal to live stream your own video grabbing during the races, on-site? and if so, what rules do they impose on that - does it hold any ground?
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