F1 Technical awards?

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Ciro Pabón
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Re: F1 Technical awards?


Caito wrote:Now I understand when they say that "the colombian is the best".
It's because I'm black? Ah? Is it? Tell me. It is, ain't it?

Let's see what you have to say when I post the part of the Awards when the "Most Ridiculous Racing Series In The World" prize was awarded and the little riot this caused in the Argentinian contingent... I still remember how Belatti was crying with joy and you screaming "Hurrah, hurrah, the Malvines are Argentinian!" in Strad's face. He had worked so hard promoting Formula 3000!

The Colombian Condor Man and myself cut our dreadlocks in unison and you didn't even noticed: you never saw us, consumed by your pride... sigh. After all, the 6 hours of Bogotá was a strong contender: this year we managed to have one lonely prototype. Even Tomba recognized Formula Renault was no match for us.

Shame on you, the Americans were very sad (NASCAR has a history, you know) and the Australians were devastated after all the "We have a Super in our Title so we are Super" campaign.

Blue was livid with rage at the insult this represented for DTM and then he also became very sad. In his words: "I went from white to blue".

You didn't have to dance Por una cabeza (By One Head) on stage, by the way. Some Americans picked up the words... you know, many speak spanish.

I hope next year you celebrate with more elegance. Although I have to recognize superiority when I see it and, even if I bow my hat to your country, Argentinians could be humbler with the thorny issue this prize represents. I don't know if this award thing has any sense anymore: when will this domination end?

It is exactly like the issue of how to falsify the post count. Look at me, I've been here for a short time and I have more than 3.000 posts. Actually, I managed to make the number exactly 3.500. Coincidence? I don't think so. Wink, wink.

If people knew how to do that... but I guess nobody is telling the public, as usual. Remember the oath, guys. It is best this way.

Oh, and bhallg2k, we don't have to exaggerate the tone of the cover up. Denying the importance of post count is essential, but try not to make an issue of that. People could stir up, you know and they may suspect even of their own computers. We don't want that to happen, do we?