Livery thread again!

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Re: Livery thread again!


Manoah2u wrote:
Tue Mar 23, 2021 2:28 pm
you know what would be pretty cool?

a one-off RBR livery in the RED EDITION colours ... 8051d5c9ff

wouldn't that be amazing, a red redbull with some chrome elements, and some green.

Special for the Mexican GP?

is that even allowed? I mean Ferrari after all drove a dark red livery for their 1000th GP.
For Alonso's goodbye @ Mclaren they had a spanish flag on the car.
I made the liveries for Assetto Corsa with Red Bull's White Edition livery they used for Mugen Super GT500 NSX.
I would like something like that for the Japanese GP in Honda's final Suzuka race as an official engine supplier.