Renault F1 R.S. 19

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Re: Renault F1 R.S. 19


Is it time for a conclusion?

Strong points:
Powerful engine.
More compliant suspension makes it easier to ride curbs and results in better low speed mid-corner grip.
Higher downforce, makes it quick in slow sections and gives the car good overall pace (compared to its qualifying position) due to lower tyre wear.

Aero balance. Makes the car struggle in medium-speed corners. Most likely a lack of downforce from the splitter and leading edge of the floor (while having a decent diffuser). Running less rear wing (after summer) improved the situation significantly. (More front wing would cause too much drag. Even less rear wing would cost too much downforce.) Possibly the French GP update was supposed to improve this area but did not deliver??

At least, those are my observations...