Honda's conditioner wing?

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Improved Aerodynamic Performance

The 747 400’s most noticeable aerodynamic improvement over previous 747s is the 6-foot (1.8 m) longer wing with a 6-foot-high winglet angled upward and slightly outward.
The winglet provides the effect of having an even greater wingspan without outgrowing the standard airport slot.
Looking at the characteristics of the different airplanes of the family 747-400 ... index.html
the wing span, including the winglets, is 64.44 m (area 525 m2).
The only model without the 1.8 m wing tip extension + winglet is the 747-400 Domestic and the wing span is 59.6 m, exactly the same as the 747-100, 200 & 300.
The fact that in the models without winglets the wing area is smaller makes a bit questionable that a 20% area reduction was possible only thanks to the winglets.

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Well at least that was what I heard and read! :lol: the thing I heard was a comparison between the first 20 747 built and the winglet ones.