The later you get the car ready the better - Alonso


The 2009 season will be a very difficult one for the Formula One teams as some drastic new regulations will be introduced. According to Fernando Alonso, who won the 2005 and 2006 championship title, the teams who will unveil their 2009 contenders later than the rest might have an advantage.

Fernando Alonso said during a charity event for UNICEF: "This time the championship starts later than ever and the later you get the car ready the better. There will be cars that will be good in February, and by April everyone else will have copied them. So the later the car arrives, the better."

The popular Spaniard even took the liberty to blab Renault's launch date as he said: "In fact, the car we will unveil on January 20 will have nothing to do with the car that arrives in the first race."