New FIA controversy

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Another controversy has hit Formula One as more news has leaked into the press on how the FIA made up its entry list for next season. According to the British newspaper 'Daily Telegraph', only new teams who were commited to engine supplier Cosworth were ensured a spot on the 2010 Formula One grid.

Only three teams will join the current F1 teams in 2010: US F1, Manor and Campos who will all be powered by Cosworth. A less successful team applicant declared to the newspaper: "We were told that if we wanted to take up the 2010 grid slot we would have to sign a three-year engine contract with Cosworth."

At the time of the 2010 entry list announcement, the car manufacturers were threatening to leave F1 and start their own series. An FIA spokesperson confirmed to the newspaper that the availability of an independent engine supply was a "priority for all new teams", otherwise "the whole grid would be at the mercy of the car industry and no new team would be able to enter without their permission."

As the news emerged, Cosworth immediately declared not to have requested the FIA to make demands on its behalf to potential F1 entries.