Hamilton's new Top Gear performance postponed

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Reigning World Champion Lewis Hamilton will have to wait a bit longer to try and beat the record lap time on the "Star in a reasonable priced car" in the popular car programme 'Top Gear' as plans to put him back in the show next week were postponed due to heavy rain forecasts.

Hamilton said: "I was really looking forward to getting back out on the track, but Top Gear felt the chance of rain was too great and have rescheduled me for another show. It is a huge shame and completely out of my control.

"I am sorry if any of the fans and viewers were looking forward to it. I am not sure how we will find a date that works with the Top Gear filming schedule that will not be affected by the great British weather, but I will do everything I can to get back there either in the winter filming season or next year. I think everyone wants to see a dry lap rather than another wet one, so fingers crossed we can make it happen in the not too distant future."