Abu Dhabi circuit gets final FIA green light

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The Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi has passed its final FIA inspection. This was confirmed by circuit CEO Richard Cregan. Earlier this week, Race Director Charlie Whiting visited the United Arab Emirates venue for a last inspection as the first dust-to-night Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix is scheduled for 1 November.

Cregan said to news agency 'Reuters': "Everything is going well. We've had a couple of handovers and that's the process we're in at the moment - as I call it, a 'shakedown' of the circuit.

"It's such a complex facility; so many buildings - so many elements to it in terms of how technical the circuit is - so we're going through it step-by-step. Charlie came on Monday and everything he had asked for previously was done; that was the final FIA green light and he's also coming here for the GP2 test, which is a great help for us."

The GP2 test in question will be a significant step for the track, which will invite Formula One marshals as the run-up to the climax of the 2009 campaign continues.