Glock defends his choice for Manor/Virgin

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Former Toyota F1 Team driver Timo Glock has defended his decision to join the new Manor/Virgin Racing Team in 2010. Although the German knows he won't be at the top of the grid next season, he believes his decision is the right one for the future.

Glock said to 'Bild': "Some have said that this is the beginning of the end. But I have experienced many highs and lows in my career and have therefore a pretty good long-term vision. In my view Formula One is moving back to the private teams," he said.

Glock declared that he wants to progress together with the team, but that he knows this might result in laughter from some other parties.

"It is a good combination of young, motivated and also experienced people. I want to progress along with them.

"Clearly in the first year, one or two will point their finger at us and laugh. The results will only be coming in two, three years. But if you ask me, it is more satisfying to work upwards with a small team than to just sit in a winning car."