Alonso's red debut arouses lots of interest at Valencia

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Finally it’s Fernando Alonso’s day today. The Spanish driver had his official debut behind the wheel of a Ferrari Formula 1 single-seater this morning. The F10 with the number 8 went onto the track for the first time with Alonso at exactly 10:01am for the installation lap. After the usual checks everything was ready for the first run, but a red flag, due to a car stopped on the track, delayed it.

Fernando’s debut in red arouses lots of interest. The circuit’s management foresee at least 30,000 spectators, while before the track opened in the morning there were traffic jams at the highway exit. When Alonso left and entered the box with the car numerous cameramen and photographers tried to take their pictures, complicating the mechanic’s work, but underlining the enormous interest for the couple Alonso-Ferrari.

The technical programme is more or less the same as it was for Felipe Massa over the last two days of testing here in Valencia. The first objective is to find a basic set up for the car to then start with the first regulations. Furthermore the team will work with the new Bridgestone tyres and on the car’s behaviour with different fuel loads.

Source Ferrari Pictures will follow later today