Vettel and Webber talked things through says Coulthard

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Former Red Bull Racing driver and BBC pundit David Coulthard has revealed that Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber spent an hour together after the Abu Dhabi race to clear the air between them. After a tough battle this season, the duo has to work together next year as well as both driver have a contract with Red Bull for 2011.

David Coulthard wrote in his column for the British newspaper 'The Daily Telegraph': “Anyone who says that Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber do not respect each other, or that they are not on speaking terms, has not been privy to the scenes that I have witnessed over the past 36 hours.

“Like a couple of boxers who indulge in pre-match trash talk, produce an epic 12-round slugfest and then embrace afterwards, it has been fascinating to witness at first-hand their raw emotions since Sunday night.

“Sebastian is on cloud nine; stunned. Since taking the chequered flag in Abu Dhabi to become F1’s youngest World Champion, his life has changed beyond all recognition. He doesn’t even realise it yet. But in the midst of the madness he has also been impressively sensitive to his team-mate’s feelings.

“Mark, who lost out on the final day, is on the canvas at the moment and Seb is fully aware that without him he would not be where he is.

“I know they spent a whole hour after the race in the drivers’ room on Sunday night talking it all over, which from Sebastian’s perspective is quite a thing when you have just won the World Championship and everyone is outside getting drunk.

“I have no doubt Sebastian will take it all in his stride. Like Jenson Button before him, he will be a great ambassador for the sport.”