Red Bull extends use of Platform CFD software

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To back up its campaign to defend their F1 titles, Red Bull have extended their partnership with Platform computing into the 2011 season. The team will use more platform software to do its analyses while a platform logo will be visible on the 2011 contender.

Red Bull Racing and Platform Computing have a history of successfully working together to implement solutions which have greatly benefited Red Bull Racing’s computation fluid dynamics (CFD) and design groups. As part of the new agreement, Red Bull Racing will be using additional Platform Computing products, including Platform LSF, Platform Process Manager and Platform ISF, which help streamline and automate Red Bull Racing’s complex analyses. The Platform Computing brand will also be visible on the side of the RB7 for the 2011 season.

Specialising in software solutions for High Performance Computing (HPC) environments, Platform’s software is designed to increase productivity without the need for additional investment in hardware and infrastructure. As such, it will be instrumental in helping Red Bull Racing to race at the front of Formula One.

Team Principal Christian Horner said: “The announcement that Platform Computing will continue as a Red Bull Racing Innovation Partner in 2011 is good news for the whole team. Formula One is at the forefront of technology and keeping pace with your rivals in the face of rapid and constant development is key to a successful season. Platform Computing’s association with Red Bull Racing has been an integral part of our development and we’re delighted they will partner us again this year.”

Christoph Reichert, Vice President HPC EMEA, Platform Computing said: “Red Bull consistently pushes the envelope when it comes to how its Formula One team approaches racing and winning on the Grand Prix circuit, as well as with how the team uses technology to develop state-of-the-art race cars. We’re excited to be extending our longstanding partnership with Red Bull Racing both on the sponsorship side and through Red Bull Racing’s continued adoption of Platform Computing’s products to support their computing infrastructure and process design simulations in a faster, more efficient manner. We look forward to our continued relationship as Red Bull Racing looks to adopt new technologies that push their designs and race cars even further toward the finish line.”