Massa performs F150 shakedown at Fiorano

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Ferrari have run Felipe Massa at the wheel of the F150° Italia this morning at Fiorano. According to Italian website omnicorse Massa featured in a commercial with a test that allowed the team to run different setup options.

The car running at Fiorano certainly appeared to be running more rake, a setup option that many appear to be investigating after Red Bull's RB7 appears to work marvelous with it.

In an attempt to reduce the gap to Red Bull and McLaren, Ferrari will introduce a new front wing design to gain additional front downforce. It is believed that this is the major culprit for the team, after finding its wind tunnel tests inaccurate. Running more rake will also help reduce the height of the front wing, hence also allowing it to create more downforce.

Along with the new package at Turkey will be an updated rear wing and revised rear suspension.