De La Rosa replaces Pérez at Canada

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Sauber F1 have announced that Sergio Pérez will be replaced by Pedro De La Rosa for the remainder of the Canadian GP weekend. Pérez was not feeling well after the first practice session and the team hence decided it would be better to keep him sidelined.

Pérez said he was not 100% fit: "Of course I wanted to drive and I had no doubt I was alright. But apparently this is unfortunately not the case."

"I am deeply disappointed. I spoke to the team after the session and told them that I’m not a hundred per cent fit. I only want to drive when I’m a hundred per cent well. I need some more time to recover."

Team Principal Peter Sauber: ”This development hit us by surprise, because Sergio underwent thorough medical checks, first in the hospital in Monaco, then in a hospital in Zürich, and finally, the FIA doctors gave him the green light this Thursday in Montreal. Nobody could have foreseen that he would feel unwell. Maybe we are being overly cautious, but when it’s about the health of our drivers we take zero risks.”

Sergio Pérez crashed heavily in Monaco and was given clearance on Thursday to race, only to find out he still is not OK. De La Rosa however is a strong replacement as he started 14 races for the team in 2010.