HRT extends Williams F1 gearbox deal

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HRT Formula One Team has extended its existing deal with Williams F1 for the supply of its gearboxes until the end of the 2012 season. The team is not ruling out a further extension after that. The new deal also provides for a greater technical collaboration that should contribute to improving the performance level of HRT F1 Team.

Besides providing the latest technology in gearboxes, Williams F1 will also supply the team with KERS and its related technology for the first time in the Spanish team’s history.

The collaboration with Williams F1 highlights the team’s commitment to stability and development for next season’s car, the F112, which the team has been working on over the past few months from its technical office in Munich. The team’s design centre houses over 60 people, both in DO and aerodynamics’ departments, working under the supervision of Jacky Eeckelaert and aerodynamicist, Stephane Chosse. A team which will continue to grow in the forthcoming weeks.

The deal with Williams F1 strictly follows the terms agreed in the Concorde Agreement and both teams will compete independently in the Formula 1 Constructors’ Championship.

Colin Kolles, HRT Team Principal: “In these past two years we have established a fruitful collaboration with Williams F1 and are pleased to continue having them play an important role in the development of our team. Apart from the experience we have accumulated in these years together, they will not only provide us with the latest technology in gearboxes but we will also reap the benefits of having KERS for next year, this being an important step for our team.

We have grown as a team with Williams F1’s support and we are pleased to continue counting on them in the future, given their trajectory, prestige and renowned experience in Formula 1. This agreement strengthens the development of the 2012 car that is currently taking place at our technical office in Munich. At HRT we are working on thoroughly improving the performance of our cars and our target is still to finish in the top ten in 2012. This deal brings us one step closer to that objective”.

Alex Burns, Williams F1 CEO: "I am delighted that we are extending our agreement with HRT, in both its scope and duration. We have enjoyed a good working relationship with HRT in 2011 and look forward to continuing this in 2012 and beyond. The fact that they have selected Williams F1's gearbox and KERS technology for their car is a credit to all of the Williams F1 people involved in our cost-effective engineering and manufacturing in these areas."