Bahrain protests aim to stop 'race over blood'

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Bahrain protests have recently increased in an attempt to push Formula One into cancelling the upcoming Bahrain GP, scheduled for April 20-22 at the Sakhir circuit. One year ago, the Bahrain GP was first postponed and then cancelled under pressure of the same continuing uprisings.

Footage from the scene confirms the police have attempted to disperse the protests by firing tear gas into small groups of protesters, while also arresting several of them. The increased uprising is the result of Ahmed Ismael Abdulsamad getting shot in the right thigh while filming the protests in the Shia village of Salmabad.

Last year's race was cancelled following uprisings demanding democratic reforms that would challenge the power of the Sunni Al-Khalifa ruling dynasty.

The footage also showed a young protester reading: "We object to holding a sports race that belittles the sacrifices of our children and ignores our suffering and wounds," said a statement read by a youth dressed in a white death shroud and a black hood, according to a video posted online."

"Do not tarnish the reputation of the respected auto sport with the blood of Bahrain victims."

Bernie Ecclestone however is unimpressed by the events at Bahrain, repeating that it will be 'business as usual' with the Bahrain organisers, and that the GP will go ahead as planned.