Williams box on fire, 31 people treated

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F1 Grand Prix, GP Spain, Circuit de Catalunyaes

After today’s Spanish Grand Prix a fire occurred in the Williams team’s garage which originated from the fuel area. While the exact cause is not yet clear, the quick spread and big plumes of smoke suggest at least one fuel cannister got fire and exploded in the incident.

Fortunately however, it appears nobody was severely injured as most people were out celebrating Williams' victory.

A team statement later on read: "Four team personnel were injured in the incident and subsequently taken to the medical centre. Three are now receiving treatment at local hospitals for their injuries, while the fourth has been released. The team will monitor their condition and ensure they receive the best possible care."

"The team, the fire services and the police are working together to determine the root cause of the fire and an update statement will be released in due course."

"The Williams F1 Team would like to thank all of the teams and the FIA for their support in today’s incident."

Later on though, CaterhamF1 said to have had some team members involved in the incident as well, and the FIA then revealed 31 people are being treated: "The flames were quickly brought under control through the combined intervention of staff from Williams, Caterham and Force India, supported by the circuit fire services."

"Thirty-one team members were seen by Circuit Medical Centre staff and all have been released, with the exception of seven who were transferred to a variety of local hospitals where they are receiving treatment."

"The FIA is collaborating closely with the Spanish authorities investigating this incident and will be providing a further update as soon as more information becomes available."