Ecclestone doubts New Jersey GP date

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Bernie Ecclestone has revealed that he doubts the New Jersey GP will take place next year. The event is set for a June 2012 race but it appears that recent problems to secure funding might cause them to fail to comply with Ecclestone's contract.

The race was announced in October 2011 and destined to see Formula One cars race along the shores of the Hudson river, minutes away from New York city.

It appears though that by now the event's organisers have run into financial trouble, creating contractual issues with Ecclestone.

"I don't know if it is going to happen", Ecclestone said to ESPN. "I hope everything will be okay. They are sorting things out internally with some of their funds. If they are ready for 2013 we will have them."

"We are waiting for different parts of the contract to be agreed."

The circuit itself however refuses to acknowledge this publicly, as a spokesman said: "We don't comment on our contractual relationship with Formula One or its details.

"We are on track for a June 2013 race, with all course engineering and construction progressing precisely on schedule, a strong management team in place, and strong ongoing support from New Jersey, New York City and the local communities involved."

Meanwhile, the GP to be held at Texas towards the end of this year looks on target with its construction, but also keeps struggling with other issues, including an argument with Tavo Hellmund, the initial promoter of the event.