Sauber to bring aero updates to Spain

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Sauber is hopeful its Spain updates will help controlling the tyres a bit better, as their car seems to be struggling with the way the tyres deform under load. One advantage for them though is that Pirelli is of course using a hard tyre similar to that of 2012.

Tom McCullough, the team's Head of Track Engineering noted that new updates will first have to be evaluated while not dropping a hint of how much Sauber hopes to gain from these.

"We have some further aero updates", he said, "including a modified rear wing, and we will be evaluating these during Friday practice".

Just like rival teams, Sauber is also aware that this weekend may be a totally different situation than that in winter testing. Back in February and March, temperatures were unusually cold and teams experienced varying and unexpected levels of tyre degradation and wear.

“Although Barcelona is a track we know well from winter testing, the higher temperatures do change how the tyres perform, so we have to adapt to that."

On top of that comes of course Pirelli's new hard tyre which is about the same as the hard tyre of 2012. This means that it will flex less and last longer, increasing the gap with the current medium tyre.