Alonso not opposed to slower pitstops

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The Hungarian Grand Prix will be the first where the pitlane speed limit is at 80km/h, different from the previous 100km/h during a race for safety reasons. More talks are however going on to slow down the pitstops themselves, and Fernando Alonso is not opposed at all.

Ferrari revealed that "proposals are being discussed to reduce the speed with which pit stops themselves are completed". While it is not clear yet how this is going to be achieved, a time limit or a reduction of crew members could enforce this.

“Always when something happens in terms of safety, we must react and we are all in agreement on improving safety. However, finding the way to do it is difficult to agree on. But I think reducing the pit lane speed limit cannot be bad, as it is the same for all the teams and there is less risk for the mechanics.

"Reducing the number of media in the pit lane during free practice can also be a solution, because sometimes there are too many of them in FP1 and FP2. In pit stops we are all trying to find the limits; of driver reaction time, the wheelguns and the procedure itself, so if they find a solution to increase the time of a pit stop to improve safety and it is the same for all the teams, I don’t think anyone will disagree.”

Along with the reduced pitlane speed following incidents at the German Grand Prix, media access is also restricted and 10-place grid penalties will be handed to teams releasing their cars with loose wheels.