Newey admits to 2014 engine uncertainty

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Red Bull's chief technical officer Adrian Newey has admitted that it is uncertain whether his team will be able to continue its dominance, as much will rely on the performance of the new turbo engines in 2014.

Newey reiterated that the 2014 regulation changes are mainly about the engines and that the performance of his cars will largely rely on what Renault will be able to deliver at the beginning of next year.

"The new regulations for the power unit are massively complicated for the engine manufacturers themselves. It's very complicated for us - the chassis manufacturers - and it's a very complicated installation which the mechanics won't take an instant liking to, probably."

Opinions and expectations are divided whether Red Bull Racing will be able to continue their current domination of Formula One, but in reality even the teams aren't sure yet, as they can only estimate what their own engine supplier will be producing, let alone what the competition is doing.

"It's not at all clear at the moment whether one of the three manufacturers (Renault, Ferrari and Mercedes) we have next year come up with a better product than the other two from both a performance point of view and also reliability, which could be quite a concern at the start of the season, certainly. So it's very hard to judge where we'll be at the start of the year."

While the new regulations are mainly challenging in the powertrain department, some aerodynamic changes, including the banning of the rear beam wing and the mandatory lower nose cones are a challenge as well.

"We've also got some quite significant aerodynamic regulation changes which are not nearly as big as the ones we had in 2009 but still by normal year-to-year standards very big changes."