Footage rejects excessive speed caused Schumacher fall

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In a breefing held by investigator's of Schumacher's ski fall it emerged that, despite earlier claims, excessive speed does not seem to have caused the German's fall that led to his skull fracture and coma.

Because Schumacher had a camera fitted on his helmet while skiing, investigators have around 2 minutes of footage to investigate.

Speaking at a press conference in the French city of Albertville, the investigaters, led by Mr Quincy revealed they have so far visited the location of the accident at Méribel, spoken to witnesses and members of the medical team that were involved in first aid after the fall.

The team also said they have around 2 minutes of useable footage of the incident, recovered from a small camera that Schumacher had attached to his helmet.

Schumacher deliberately went off piste, in between a blue and red slope, but was going at the speed that seemed perfectly acceptable for a good skier like him.

"He is evidently an extremely good skier, but one of his skis hit a rock that was sticking out... it caused him to fall and he hit his head on the rock," Mr Quincy said.

It was also noted that the skis were in perfect condition and certainly not the cause of the accident.

At the same time, the findings appear to counter a legal fight that was starting up against the Méribel ski area as some believe the markings along the slope were inadequate.

"The (safety) standard has not been met, as the signs and markings were inadequate and non-compliant," lawyer Edouard Bourgin told Le Figaro newspaper. "It cannot be that a resort collects the skiers’ money, but does not ensure their right to safety."

Michael Schumacher's condition however remains the same, with no official news of improvement, apart from rumours.