Costa pinpoints 'strategical mistakes' at Ferrari

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Former Ferrari Chief Designer Aldo Costa, now employed at the dominant Mercedes AMG team has pinpointed a number of mistakes he believes have been crucial in Ferrari's recent slump.

Ferrari had found itself in serious troubles recently as arguably the biggest myth of motorsport couldn't match rival’s pace and are playing catch-up season after season. There have been lots of suggestions why Enzo Ferrari’s legacy has been lacking of success. Former Ferrari technical guru Aldo Costa gave a very honest insight what happened to him when he was ousted and what the situation has been at Ferrari in the past years.

Speaking to Italian journalist Leo Turini, Costa said: “They sent me off in a way that I wouldn’t describe as exactly elegant.". Despite his sudden firing, Costa is still disappointed to see Ferrari, based in his own region, Emilia-Romagna, unable to mount a serious championship challenge. The Italian went even further, stating he does not believe the Scuderia will be a serious contender in 2015 either, contrary to Red Bull Racing.

Costa thinks several strategical mistakes at Ferrari have been the key for the team's struggle. Ferrari led the field for years in aerodynamics, even in the era between 2006 and 2008 they set the standard in that regard as their cars from those years had been exceptional on track with fast corners.
The racing team however wanted to invest in a new wind tunnel to prepare for new sporting regulations which heavily cut back on real testing mileages from 2009, but Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo apparently refused to open the doors of the treasury at Maranello for that revamp.

Ferrari’s leading driver Alonso was rumored to stand behind the ousting of Costa, but the Italian refused to justify those claims. He however insisted Alonso was magical inside the cockpit, but “out of the car, I was never able to understand him – he is an inscrutable, enigmatic character.”
Costa gave away he still had contact to former Ferrari principal Stefano Domenicali as they sometimes shared thoughts via text messages.

According to sources the Italian was set to limit Ferrari’s designer’s Nikolas Tombazis creativity in their cooperation at Ferrari. Costa seems not to esteem the Greek’s talent too high.

"After I left his imagination must have been freed with results that are before everyone’s eyes, no?”

As for next year Costa disclosed Mercedes were keen on continuing their dominant form and therefore will attend only the next two events in Spa and Monza before totally concentrating on next year’s project in the outfit's factory in Brackley.