McLaren set to run Honda powered MP4-29

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The McLaren Formula One team has confirmed they have got around preparing an interim car to test the new Honda power unit, set to power the team's car in 2015.

Speculation about a testing car for the new Honda engine has been going on for months, with McLaren's Eric Boullier recently confirming they were indeed working on car, but weren't sure yet if it would be ready in time to run in the 2-day test at Abu Dhabi, after the race weekend.

The team however has now confirmed it is ready for a filming day at Silverstone on 14 November, where its Honda powered MP4-29H/1X1 will debut on track, alongside with 2 classic McLaren Honda's. Behind the wheel will be Oliver Turvey.

While running on filming days is very limited, any system check will be useful in preparation of the Abu Dhabi test. It will be used in particular for mechanical checks, as the team also confirmed that some aerodynamic updates will feature on the team's current MP4-29 during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix to be held in 9 days.