Force India to use Toyota wind tunnel

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Sahara Force India has announced it will use the Toyota Motorsport wind tunnel in Cologne for all of the team's future aerodynamic testing in 2015 and the foreseeable future.

“The decision to use Toyota’s facility in Cologne is indicative of our ambitions to continue as a competitive force in Formula 1,” Mallya said.

“It’s one of the most significant decisions in our history and gives us access to what is regarded as one of the finest wind tunnels in the world. We have used the facility previously on an ad hoc basis and we are aware of the advantages of basing all our aerodynamic research in Cologne. It will strengthen our approach and give us a solid base to build upon for the years to come.”

Previously, Ferrari have extensively used the former Toyota F1 wind tunnel while they upgraded their own wind tunnel while Williams, McLaren and Caterham have also made use of the start of the art facility.

The team's own tunnel at Brackley, UK “will remain operational and available for external customers”.