We knew it would be a slow start - Alonso

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F1 Test, Jerez, Circuit Permanente de Jerezes

Fernando Alonso says it is normal for his team to endure difficulties in the first day of testing, insisting that it is not a problem and that the new McLaren Honda partnership needs time.

Alonso debuted the new McLaren today at the Jerez circuit, but the team soon encountered electrical issues that eventually limited the Spaniard to 6 installation laps in the new car.

Alonso was limited to just six laps on the first day at the Jerez circuit in front of a home crowd as the Honda-powered MP4-30 hit trouble. It was Alonso's first day behind the wheel since his switch from Ferrari, where he spent five seasons which failed to yield a third world championship despite two near misses, something he says will set him in good stead this year.

"My patience was proved for the past five years - I have no problems," Alonso said. "Today more or less went as expected. Obviously it's a slow start as we knew. We saw last year how difficult it was for other teams to complete laps, especially in the first couple of days - even Red Bull did something like ten laps or something like that.

"It's complex technology we have in Formula One today and we need time and need to learn a lot of things in the car because we start gaining mileage. The car design is also quite extreme, quite aggressive and innovative so definitely we have something to discover there slowly."

Alonso debuted the MP4-30 and initiated McLaren's new era of Honda power in front of numerous home fans who had come to fill the grandstands and support the Spaniard.

"I would like to do more laps, that's for sure, because after two months waiting for the first test six laps is not enough but we are all happy and excited inside the garage. We had an amazing atmosphere today, during the first lap especially, the comeback of McLaren-Honda after 22 years and I felt so privileged and honoured to be the man to do the first lap. There are a lot of things to work but I believe so much in the project and I'm so, so happy to be sat here. We have a lot of things to do but with a positive approach."