Vettel is the new Schumacher - Arrivabene

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Ferrari’s new team chef, Maurizio Arrivabene claimed that Sebastian Vettel makes him remember the great Michael Schumacher. Only a few weeks have gone since Vettel’s arrival in Maranello, the Italian has already been taken aback by the German’s commitment.

“Vettel is the copy of Schumi.” – said Arrivabene. “I was there at the time of Michael, I lived in the heart of Ferrari. I have to admit that Vettel sometimes makes me speechless. He seems to be Schumacher in terms of behavior.

Arrivabene is fully optimistic that the Scuderia will be able to turn things around and get back to its hey-days. “We will do everything to get competitive as soon as possible.”

The Italian reckoned that the team’s other World Champion driver, Kimi Räikkönen enjoys his full faith and belief. He also emphasized that the good friendship between Vettel and Räikkönen could also boost the team morale. “I fully believe in Kimi Räikkönen and I think the friendship of our drivers will result in a successful team-work.”

Arrivabene was reluctant to answer the question how long it will take for the Scuderia to fight at the sharp end of the grid. “The will to redemption is great, but you shouldn’t forget what the starting point was.”

Ferrari have endured a very difficult spell in the last few years and even the highly rated Spaniard Fernando Alonso could only score eleven wins in his 5-year period in the Maranello-based squad.