Räikkönen opens up about Ferrari and fatherhood

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In an interview with the Italian broadcaster RAI, Kimi Räikkönen openly spoke about his relationship with Sebastian Vettel. He also revealed how it feels to be a father.

Kimi has probably the most mysterious personality among his fellow drivers. When he closes his visor, he feels perfect and flies into a different world, but off the track he is hard nut to crack.

Kimi said that his relationship with Sebastian Vettel is still very good and people had better stop expecting problems between him and the German.

“The relationship between me and Sebastian is fine as before. People believe that between me and Seb internal problems may arise because of the different results, be we get along as friends and especially as colleagues. It is normal being against on the track, but for the team we work together.”

The former World Champion also revealed that the atmosphere at Ferrari is not only good, but claims it is the best he has ever experienced during his spell in Formula 1.

“Inside the team we work well and in harmony. All the team go in the same direction. It’s the best moment as group dynamics of all my experience in Formula 1.”

In February Kimi became a dad when his son Robin was born. However, he can’t spend much time with him and his girlfriend Minttu because of his intense professional commitments.

“I am very happy with being dad. Obviously it is a different feeling, something new for me, especially hold in my arms this little adorable baby. Unfortunately I’m very often out and not at home, but that’s life. When he will grow up, I’ll bring him with me, I am very happy right now.

“I have a beautiful family, who supports me, even when I return to home after a bad race.”

Kimi also spoke about the prospects for the future, admitting his future still hangs in the balance.

“We have to understand what the team principal wants and thinks and if Ferrari wants me,” Kimi said.