Verstappen insists Grosjean is to blame for crash

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Max Verstappen insists his crash during the Monaco Grand Prix was not his fault, but rather the result of an unneeded and unexpected move by Grosjean, sending them both off the track.

Up to the crash, Verstappen's race unfolded nicely, with the 17-year old progressing through the field in his final stint.

"I got off to a good start and got past Maldonado after a few laps. After that we had great pace and we then closed the gap to Perez. I was feeling very good in the car! Unfortunately, we had a slow first pit-stop, so we lost some positions and had to fight my way forward. I pitted again when I got stuck behind Bottas and on the Super Soft tyres we had great pace again.

"I was really happy with the car in the race. I was even catching up with Vettel and Rosberg, even though I decided to stay behind because it made it easier to get past other people. Then I got very close to Grosjean while fighting for the final points position and I ended up in the barriers. It was quite a big crash, but I’m feeling fine."

Verstappen, who was later hit with a 5-place grid penalty as the stewards judged he caused the accident, said he did not even attempt to make a pass in the first place.

"It was not even a move. I mean the lap before I braked on exactly the same spot but clearly in the lap we crashed, he braked 10 to 15 metres earlier, and if you are that close to each other and you going to 80 from 290 there is no room and you cannot go anywhere," Verstappen explained.

"I really tried to avoid it and maybe it looked like an overtake, but he braked way earlier than the lap before and normally the whole race you are braking within five metres."

"It was very dangerous and for sure it will be a bit sore tomorrow. It was a strong impact, but I felt quite okay afterwards. It is just a bit stiff."

Romain Grosjean on the other hand rejected all blame and said he didn't really see much happening. The Frenchman's car was undamaged and he managed to finish the race in 12th place.