Barrichello urges the use of science

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Former F1 driver Rubens Barrichello claimed that Formula 1 would need to use the tools of science to improve safety, especially in the decision-taking process over the matter of closed cockpits.

The idea of adopting closed cockpits in F1 has been discussed many times over the last years. Some argue that giving up the open-wheel concept would go against the DNA of the pinnacle of motorsport. However, some are sure that it would increase the safety level of racing.

Former racing driver Barrichello who drove for Jordan, Stewart, Ferrari , Honda, Brawn and Williams and started in 322 races thinks Formula 1 needs precise evaluating through scientific tools to decide whether the closed cockpits give an actual step in terms of safety.

“Only science can show us what is right and what is wrong,” said Barrichello to

Barrichello, however, thinks that open cockpits belong to the heart of Formula 1. He fears that there will always be people who can find something to complain about.

He thinks motorsport won't reach maximum safety level. If there is something like a recovery vehicle on the track, nothing can protect the drivers.

The Brazilian thinks Formula 1 got much safer in recent years which is also the result of modern race tracks.