More optimistic than a month ago - Alonso

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Fernando Alonso has spoken optimistically about his chances in the upcoming races, confirming the McLaren Honda is steadily improving and should be well suited for the circuits that are coming up next, including the Spaniard' home race at Barcelona.

"Yeah, I think the car is improving and we are getting more and more competitive in the races", Alonso said on Thursday's press conference.

"I think the next grand prix will be a good one for us, so here in Barcelona, Monaco, even Canada should be a little bit better than what we did in China and in Russia in terms of layout. Yeah, we have some high hopes for us at the moment to keep this momentum and keep growing together to more competitive positions and yeah, I think we have some updates for this race in terms of aerodynamics, most of them. We’ll see how the weekend goes but we are probably much more optimistic than one month ago.

McLaren have indeed confirmed a large number of updates to be fitted on their MP4-31, including a new front and rear wing, an updated floor and modifications on the brake ducts. All these are aimed at improving aerodynamic performance. Mobil on the other hand will be introducing a new fuel formula to improve combustion efficiency.

Honda meanwhile continues work in improvements and is set to use its first tokens roundabout the Canadian Grand Prix, a popular track to introduce engine upgrades as the power sensitive Circuit de Gilles Villeneuve usually brings the introduction of new engines. Mobil 1 is similarly working on reducing internal friction in the Honda power unit, an area where the companies believe they can still make great strides as their programmes started later than the other engine suppliers in Formula One.