Criticism builds on Verstappen's racing tactics

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Max Verstappen has to handle harsh criticism after he arguably showed no fear and no respect to his rivals in several cases during the spectacular Belgian GP. The Dutch sensation tangled with the Ferrari drivers and caused some rather dangerous situations.

Having rejected all blame on the discussed manoeuvres, and disagreeing with the views of both Ferrari drivers, more people have called for something to be done about it, as many consider his actions extremely on the limit of what can be considered acceptable.

Niki Lauda for instance, a three time F1 Champion, did not want to hide his indignation about Verstappen's on track behaviour.

“Verstappen made a nasty manoeuvre after the start and forced Kimi off. It’s really insane! He had to go back to school. That’s totally wrong. You can’t drive so in F1 and win races,” said Lauda furiously on Verstappen’s move at the start.

Asked what he thinks about why Verstappen did not accept the blame after the race, Lauda found even more unambiguous words.

“He had to pay a visit to the psychiatrist. He says now that Kimi is wrong. However, he is not to blame at all. Racing drivers are professional who do not endanger each other unnecessarily. He can’t realize now that he has done something wrong. I will speak to Jos who I know well. He has to speak to the chap once more.”

Lauda is not alone with his opinion. Many practised harsh criticism against the Dutch sensation. Former racing driver and currenty RTL commentator, Christian Danner, was also very clear in his wordings.

“That is unfair. It’s life-threatening. He had to be banned for a race.”

Mercedes’ chief Toto Wolff has fears that Verstappen’s aggressive approach to racing could trigger nasty accidents in the near future.

“He comes in, has no fear, no respect. I am afraid that it will end nasty in the wall. He is refreshing, but dangerous.”

Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel thinks drivers have to speak with Verstappen to clue him up about racing standards in F1.

“I think we all know that he is very aggressive. That has been already discussed, but we probably have to discuss that again,” concluded the quadruple world champion.