A new safety feature in 2018

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Formula One drivers will wear a special, so called biometric glove in 2018. This new safety feature is part of FIA’s ceaseless push for maximum safety.

The new glove includes a 3mm thick sensor which can feed lifesaving data to the medical team. The new technology was developed by the FIA and can help in the event of a serious crash. The new solution will be ready for the 2018 championship season, however it won’t be mandatory before 2019, so drivers can decide whether they want to use it or not.

Asked how the new glove can help the rescue team, FIA’s Laurent Mekies, answered:

"If you know whether the driver is moving and breathing, you can make quite different decisions. For instance, does the car have to be moved quickly to access the driver, or can the recovery be done more cautiously?"

"We asked ourselves how we could use state of the art technology to help our medical team and therefore the drivers. "The drivers are very supportive of this move to improve safety." confirmed the FIA’s Laurent Mekies.

Unlike the data-feeding glove, the head protection system, the ‘halo’ will be mandatory as of 2018 and it makes appearance in more and more FIA-sanctioned series such as the Formula Two and Formula E in the near future.