Force India reportedly sold to energy drinks company

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British energy drinks company Rich Energy is now rumoured to buy Formula One team Force India in a deal worth around £200m. However, {Force India} stated on Thursday that no offers for the team were being considered.

Meanwhile, the team is gearing up for the launch of its 2018 car next Monday, when pre-season testing begins. Force India today revealed that it will not officially launch its car, but just do a presentation in the Barcelona paddock at 08:00 local time.

The team have been made available by owner Vijay Mallya, who is currently fighting extradition proceedings back to his native India.

The Daily Mail claims financier Laurie Pinto is involved as an adviser on the deal which, if successful, would see them become only the second British-owned team in F1.

Neither Force India or Rich Energy would officially comment on the negotiations, but it is understood they have gone well so far.