FIA announces last-minute changes to aid overtaking

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Despite opposition from various teams, the Formula One Commission has voted through technical changes for the 2019 season which should help the sport in its push to more overtaking manouevres.

The vote took place on April 30, the last day when technical regulation changes for next season can be passed without unanimity being required.

“Following a presentation made to the F1 teams at the Bahrain Grand Prix regarding proposals aimed at promoting closer racing and more overtaking in the Formula 1 World Championship, the Strategy Group, the F1 Commission and the World Motor Sport Council yesterday approved a number of regulation changes for the 2019 season,” announced the FIA on the first of May.

The technical changes affect the front and rear end of the car, mainly simplifying the aerodynamic configuration of the two main wings. Introduced will be a simplified front wing, with a larger span, and low outwash potential, a simplified front brake duct with no winglets and a wider and deeper rear wing.

Yesterday’s vote follows an intense period of research into the FIA’s initial proposals, which were made with the support of the F1 Commercial Rights Holder, conducted by a majority of the F1 teams. These studies indicated the strong likelihood of a positive impact on racing and overtaking within F1 and as such have now been ratified for implementation in 2019.

The approved changes are separate to the ongoing work being undertaken in regard to defining Formula 1’s regulations for 2021 and beyond.

In addition to the aerodynamic changes ratified yesterday, the FIA is continuing to evaluate a range of other measures aimed at encouraging closer racing and boosting overtaking in F1.