Ferrari should avoid issues on its way to Australia

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The Scuderia Ferrari team says that it is monitoring the current situation revolving around the coronavirus outbreak following the Italian government’s latest measurement, but it hopes that its travel plans can go ahead as planned.

After Italy's government’s recent reaction on the fast-spreading coronavirus, it became uncertain whether Scuderia Ferrari could reach Melbourne in time where the the season-opening Australian Grand Prix takes place on March 15.

On Saturday night, Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conti announced that major part of nothern Italy has been put under lockown, placing over 16 million people under quarantine. The lockdown also included the Modena region where Ferrari is based. According to the government, people are not supposed to enter or leave the areas that have been placed under quarantine unless for special working needs or emergencies.

When asked by F1technical, Ferrari’s spokesperson said that the Italian outfit is „monitoring and evaluating the situation’ and is “in close contact with the relevant authorities and all organisations involved.”

„For Ferrari, compliance with the Government regulations represents the primary guarantee for ensuring the safety of its employees and their families which is our priority. Every single decision will be made with respect to this principle.”

In the statement given to F1technical, Ferrari said that the majority of the team has already on its way to Melbourne, Australia while the rest of the personnel should also avoid issues while leaving Italy.

„Part of the team and equipment have already arrived in Melbourne and the departures for the remaining members of the team are going ahead as programmed unless we receive communications to the contrary.”

After the season-opener in Australia, Formula One is going to head to Bahrain. The kingdom has already announced that its race will be staged behind close doors to protect the welfare of people. It remains to be seen how Bahrain and Vietnam reacts on the worsening situation in Italy.