Power unit component changes for the Spanish Grand Prix

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Several drivers are going to start today’s Spanish Grand Prix with fresh power unit components with Alex Albon getting close to penalties following his latest changes.

Ahead of the weekend, Honda installed a new internal combustion engine, a new turbocharger, a new MGU-H, a new MGU-K, a new energy store and a new control electronics into the car of AlphaTauri driver Daniil Kvyat. That was the first change for the Russian this year.

Honda had concerns for Alexander Albon as well. The London-born Thai driver has received a new turbocharger and a new MGU-H with the changes putting Albon on the verge of getting penalties later on in the season. With these changes, the Red Bull driver started to use his last fresh unit of his allocation of TCs and MGU-Hs for this year. In total, drivers are allowed to use up to three turbochargers and three MGU-Hs.

Honda has also given Pierre Gasly a fresh energy store for this weekend.

Ahead of the final practice for the Spanish Grand Prix, McLaren have also given Carlos Sainz fresh PU components, including a new ICE, TC, MGU-H and MGU-K.

Following a strong qualifying performance, Sainz said: “New engine, new life! Finally, we got to the end of the problem by changing the engine, so happy with that. Honestly, I didn’t like the engine that I had before that, both in performance and reliability it was not giving us much, so happier today.

The American Haas team gave Grosjean a new ICE, turbocharger, MGU-H and control electronics, following his engine issue in FP2. That was the first change of the components in question.